Raw Materials And Planet Types

There are eight different planet types each with different distribution of raw materials:

Barren, Gas, Ice, Lava, Ocean, Plasma, Storm and Temperate

Raw Materials: Planet Types:
Aqueous Liquids Barren, Gas, Ice, Ocean, Storm, Temperate
Ionic Solutions Gas, Storm
Base Metals Barren, Gas, Lava, Plasma, Storm
Heavy Metals Ice, Lava, Plasma
Noble Metals Barren, Plasma
Carbon Compounds Barren, Ocean, Temperate
Micro Organisms Barren, Ice, Ocean, Temperate
Complex Organisms Ocean, Temperate
Planktic Colonies Ice, Ocean
Noble Gas Gas, Ice, Storm
Reactive Gas Gas
Felsic Magma Lava
Non-CS Crystals Lava, Plasma
Suspended Plasma Lava, Plasma, Storm
Autotrophs Temperate

Refining raw materials up to advanced commodities:

Material Type Quantities Needed For Refining Materials Needed For Refining
Raw Materials N/A N/A
Processed Materials 

(20 units)

3000 units

Raw Materials
Refined Commodities 

(5 units)

40 units
40 units

Processed Materials
Processed Materials
Specialized Commodities 

(3 units)

10 units
10 units
(10 units)*

Refined Commodities
Refined Commodities
(Refined Commodities)*
Advanced Commodities 

(1 unit)

6 units
6 units
(6 units/40 units)**

Specialized Commodities
Specialized Commodities
(Specialized Commodities
/Processed Materials)**

* Two or three different types of refined commodities requiered depending on the product.

** Either three different types of specialized commodities or two types of specialized commodities and 1 type of processed materials.